How to purchase a horse privately through RBA

If you have never purchased a horse from our website or purchased privately here is a brief synopsis of how it works.

To view our current list of fillies & mares for sale please click here.

If you find a horse which looks interesting and you would like to see it’s pedigree, click on the “View Pedigree” link.

To view photos and/or a video of the horse click on the “View more details” link located underneath the description. This takes you to the main listing page and a photo album and video can be accessed here by clicking on the media. If no photos are published we are usually endeavouring to obtain them.

If you require additional information on the horse please feel free to contact Brett on or Steve on  You may also wish to call us on +61 (0)2 4938 0011.

Should want to make an offer for any horse please submit your offer via email or phone. Provided the offer is not unrealistic we will discuss it with the vendor and come back to you as soon as possible with their response. Any unrealistic offers will not be submitted to the vendor. If your offer is accepted the sale can be conditional upon things such as vet examinations for racing and/or breeding soundness or your own personal inspection. It is necessary to make it clear to us when making your offer if there are any conditions attached to the offer.

Once your offer has been accepted by the vendor, if the sale is conditional to a vet inspection and/or personal inspection, the prospective purchaser must use their best endeavours make certain these inspections take place as soon as possible. If you require assistance arranging a vet inspection we are more than happy to assist either by recommending a suitable vet or even to liaise with the vet and organise the appointment on your behalf. If you are purchasing a broodmare prospect or an empty broodmare we would recommend for the vet to carry out a breeding soundness examination. If the mare is pregnant it will be necessary for the mare to be pregnancy tested. We would also recommend the vet carry out a general health check for you to make sure the horse is currently in good health and sound and is not being treated for any illnesses or injuries. If you want your new purchase insured the vet will also be required to complete a suitability for mortality insurance certificate. The cost of all this vet work is charged to the prospective purchaser.

Once all sale conditions have been met we will draw up a buy/sell agreement for the sale is signed by each party. Payment terms are usually 7 days, unless another payment term is agreed to. Your payment is deposited into Randwick Bloodstock Agency’s Trust Account and we will then pay out the vendor once the funds are clear. The vendor may be happy to release the horse once funds are in our Trust Account or they may require the funds to be in their account before they will deliver this instruction to us.

If required RBA can then arrange transport and insurance if required. We will collect the horse’s ID card or registration papers, and forward them to you or where you direct.

If required RBA can play an ongoing management role with your new purchase. To find out more how this might work for you click here.

Should you like to know how much it costs to own a broodmare and the different type of expenses you could be up for, please click here.

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