Breednet Article:

Are you giving yourself the best chance of making a profit from your thoroughbred breeding?

One way to improve your chances of making a profit is to save on your how much it costs to produce a foal. Each year a breeder’s largest share of their production costs are usually stallion service fees.

Randwick Bloodstock Agency’s “The Stallion ShareMarket” provides not just commercial breeders, but all breeders with an opportunity to save on their stallion service fees.

All stallion nominations listed on “The Stallion ShareMarket” are independently owned by shareholders and breeding rights holders. They are not owned by the studs standing the stallions. 

Each seller is free to sell their nomination for whatever price, payment terms and conditions, which they can negotiate in the market. If a mare owner is prepared to pick up the phone or send in an email and try some negotiation, they may be able to walk away with a great deal. 

When you are looking to make a purchase, it is commonplace for us to shop around for the best deal and to negotiate on the price, terms or conditions. 

So why wouldn’t you try and do the same with your thoroughbred breeding? The very wise Benjamin Franklin once famously quoted “Nothing ventured nothing gained.”

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